Protect Health Travel Airplane Seat Cover Sanitary Washable 

The nation is re-opening, and we can travel again - but you need to continue to protect yourself from airplane seat germs and dirt - airplane seats might be cleaned every 45 days at best, so imagine how many flights /seat bottoms have touched that seat before you!

Fits any length seat up to 2 meters (6'3") so works on regular seats plus full size lie flat first and business class seats, any airplane seat width
Pocket top allows for snug fit at top of seat
Velour fabric is soft and comfortable, but thin enough to tuck into crevices of seat
Machine Washable
Non-wrinkling, so can be stuffed into a corner of your carryon bag
Four colours available, let me know which you prefer: denim (light) blueregular blue, Hunter Green and grey  (Actual colors are a bit richer than in the photos).

If you buy two, we will add in a drawstring bag to store/stuff while not using! that can double as a pillow too...

Hand sewn - Made in USA

Simple and so effective - easy to protect yourself from grime, germs, dirt.

Ssee photos in both business class and regular seat.  Please compare our product - our price, quality, versatility, and super soft fabric cannot be beat. You will help a home based business grow, support USA products, and have a high quality long lasting product for a lower price than anything else out there.

Stay germ free and healthy everyone, be well

Shipped from Southern California from no illness facility.

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Airline Airplane Seat Covers

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